Review: The Virginity Hit (2010)

Note: This post contains a portion of a review originally written for CaryCitizen.  To read the full review, click here.

With kids everywhere going back to school, it seems appropriate that we’d be seeing a few new teen sex comedies released into theaters.  Last week, we were given the Emma Stone vehicle Easy A, which follows a high school girl dealing with rumors of promiscuity.  Now, expanding into wider release is The Virginity Hit, which follows four teenage guys attempting to get their freak on with a member of the opposite sex. 

If Easy A is the more female-oriented teen sex comedy, The Virginity Hit is its male equivalent.  In a turn that some would joke is a parallel to real life, it’s the former that has an ounce of heart and honesty in its portrayal of teenage sexuality, while the latter just can’t stop thinking about genitalia.

The title The Virginity Hit refers to the ritual bong hit each of four teenage guys – Matt, Zack, Jacob and Justin – take after losing their V-card.  Only Matt has yet to seal the deal with his long-time girlfriend, Nicole, but tragedy strikes when he discovers she fooled around with another guy at a college party.  Zack is an amateur filmmaker who videotapes everything (indeed, the entire film is a faux-documentary shot from his handheld camcorder), and he stages a plan for revenge: he’ll film them having sex on their two-year anniversary, after which Matt will reveal to Nicole he knows the truth and break her heart.  Of course, things don’t go as planned, and it’s soon evident Matt will have to find some other way to pop his cherry.

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