"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

the answer is no          they dream of real sheep           of wool          and flesh and
circuitry of nerves    because why wouldn’t they     do our dreams         not reflect
our creator      this is why humanity’s      dreams are mysterious    and sometimes
cruel         yet also an answer        to our broken parts          some better questions
might be             why does the android lie awake at night                is this glitch or
programming    how many zeroes and ones       are in a sigh     how many lines of
code         produce a smile        and how many recursive loops         does it take to
cure depression          and what is the android        if not god-born                  and
what is a man      if not dream-sprung       from the imagination of        something
even less artificial          than the human heart            that still has             restless
thoughts        and counts the homo sapiens         jumping over     their little fences
and hopes for      peaceful slumber        filled with stories        worth remembering


Copyright © 2018 Andrew Johnson | @WriterAndrew