Meditation on Speed Racer: The Movie

you are species-being made cartoon flesh / defined not by placeholder monikers / but penciled as
pure purpose / like wire cutters or cattle wranglers / your whole life a map / charting a journey
/ to itself / each person you meet / a coordinate on a track / the sugar-high monkey business / as
necessary for acceleration / as the brother’s ghost / whose name still signifies reason / even when
it is unknown / what is it like to be named for function? / the ride is not a smooth one / as long
as royals are around / but what is art / if not a negotiation / between creator and capital / I
think that if heaven exists / it might be a stadium / sponsored by ambition / where the only
business / is family business / and even the cheap seats are close enough / to see the paint
pouring from brushstroke wheels / and rubber-stretched physics make the body brake / surge /
dodge / spin / jump / flying free / while the crowd cheers in unison / for themselves / go / go / go


Copyright © 2018 Andrew Johnson | @WriterAndrew